Month: March 2015

A drawing of abdominal muscles. "Gray392" by Henry Vandyke Carter

Flex Your Creativity

A Maya Angelou quote has come in conversation a few times over the past couple of weeks: “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” We all struggle to think creatively sometimes. When stress runs high and we need an ingenious breakthrough, we can feel like we’re burning ourselves up in the effort. We may solve… Read more →

Damp moss near Arthur's Pass, New Zealand

In Medias Res

Starting a venture is exciting as much as terrifying. Your organization is coming together from the germ of your idea. You get a logo. You see your first printed business card. You launch a website and post to your first social media account. You are bathed in dawn’s glow and your adventure has begun!   Soon however, the warm light of sunrise… Read more →