Month: June 2015

Moss balancing in New Zealand brush

Dynamic Balance

Yogic Statues? I first began doing yoga with my college roommate. She and I watched yoga videos, carving out free space in our tiny dorm room. An inglorious beginning, but it was the start of learning a new, very old practice. At first, I sought to snap into perfect, statuesque versions of each pose in flawless sequence. I quickly learned that… Read more →

GDG Baltimore Logo

Google I/O Extended Baltimore Recap

I spoke to a great group of developers as part of the Google I/O Extended event in Baltimore last week. My subject was User Experience & User Interface Design. I also helped them develop wireframes and design comps for a Code Lab later in the day. I hope to have video to show soon, but for now, enjoy the slides. UX-UI… Read more →