Erica Palmisano on a visit to Wellington, New ZealandI was more a writer than an artist as a kid. I have limited sketching skills and my fifth-grade sculpture of a clown fish and sea anemone won no awards. But as an adult, I discovered I could manipulate pixels as a graphic designer. Discovering I could make beautiful, engaging messages set me on a path to doing the things I love. A few years ago, I began working in user-centered design and content strategy. To learn more about my professional pursuits, check out the Services page.


I am a . . .

  • Designer – 15 years in print and digital design
  • Front-end Web Developer – 8 years in web design and development
  • User Experience (UX) Consultant – 6 years working to create usable websites, applications, and documentation
  • Writer & Editor – 14 years writing copy for traditional and new media channels

Mustering all my skills, I help small businesses and non-profit organizations grow and reach more customers, clients, and donors. To see my previous work, look at my portfolio.


Outside of work, I cook, sing, read, and take photos. I travel and volunteer. I’ve been known to knit, crochet, sew, make jewelry and cards. Yoga and CrossFit are my jam. I teach yoga and mobility classes to CrossFitters. I talk about my interests – personal and professional – in my blog.