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Content-First Challenge #1: Stakeholders

In my last post, I shared Ahava Leibtag’s perspective on a big mistake that many companies make: starting design before content is complete. I’m passionate about this because I’ve seen the inefficiencies, cost overruns, and blah results that can be avoided by taking a content-first approach. Perhaps I can save you the trouble of learning this lesson the hard way. I’m going to spend… Read more →

View to the Reichstag from the banks of the Spree River

Hallo aus Deutschland!

This blog has been quiet for the past couple of months. Instead of blogging, I was sorting, purging, documenting, and packing all my earthly possessions. I was also visiting all my friends, crossing a few DC/Maryland/Virginia places off my bucket list, and researching my new home: Berlin! Looking Backward My husband got an excellent opportunity through his work so we have… Read more →

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Name That Entrepreneur

PSST! Guess which entrepreneur had her business coach share her story from his perspective on his blog recently? I found out that she had some family members in South America she hadn’t seen in many years. She missed them and felt it was impossible to be able to go visit them while her business was in start-up mode. . . .… Read more →

Exterior of the Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET) at night

4 Reasons the Open-Source Community Rocks

I attended WordCamp Baltimore a couple of weeks ago. It was my first WordCamp, and I’m so glad I went! I got two days’ worth of excellent sessions in the beautiful Institute for Marine & Environmental Technology (IMET) in Baltimore. I also got some fun freebies like WordPress/Baltimore stickers that featured Edgan-Allen-Poe-Wapuu. Best off all, though, I got in-person interaction with the community… Read more →

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Maintenance is in the air!

In Praise of Serendipity After last month’s post on website maintenance, I figured I’d move on to other topics. While driving this weekend, however, I listened to a Freakonomics Radio podcast called “In Praise of Maintenance.”   You can listen to the entire episode above or just skim the transcript. The host, Stephen Dubner, spends time discussing how our cultural obsession with innovation tends to… Read more →

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Maintenance Matters

INTRODUCTION: The Dangers of the Internet® There’s nothing like the launch of your beautiful new WordPress website. Each time you show it off, you get a rush. As the designer, I get my own version of that high as I release my creation into the world. Unfortunately, the world can be a scary place. Not all the denizens of the web are… Read more →