A lush forest floor of ferns

“It’s not complicated; it’s just hard.”

“The answer is a relentless focus on user needs . . . It’s not complicated; it’s just hard.“ Google’s Think With Google blog put out a fantastic post called 4 Things Strategists Can Learn from UX Designers over a year ago. It’s got some great points, but the fourth part especially rang true for me. I’m going to quote the entire section because… Read more →

Where would you put the coconuts?

Everything must go! . . . Why is that gone? It’s happened more than once. A small business owner or nonprofit director says, “I want to scrap my website and start over. You’ll have complete creative freedom because it’s not working and nobody likes it.” Once I get started, however, I’m asked to walk back changes or put back in elements that “nobody liked.” I don’t love… Read more →

Spring tulips in bloom

Case Study: Reedy Creek Enterprise Solutions Website

Meeting Neil & Joyce I first met Neil Danzig, the founder and primary consultant at Reedy Creek Enterprise Solutions, at a networking event in April 2015. He was considering my services for his clients. His business provides IT solutions to small startups and businesses in Central Maryland. Often clients have a variety of IT needs, including a new website. He… Read more →

Returning to My Roots

I’m back in the Northern Hemisphere and in the saddle of design and development work. My month-long trip was wonderful. I did some work some proposals and troubleshooting. I talked, ate, sang, saw sights, and laughed with family and friends. I spoke a lot of Spanish. It was part tourism, part emotional odyssey, part design inspiration, and a lot of fun –… Read more →

Erica stands on the shores of Lago Menéndez with the Torrecillas Glaciar in the background

Down Old South America Way

Greetings from Argentina, down old South America way. I’m sitting in the living room of dear friends, enjoying their late summer weather and a cup of coffee. While I travel, I am not doing major design/development/user experience work and instead developing business for April. The story of how I came to be sitting here is a long one. I will… Read more →

New Zealand flowers

Well Begun Is Half Done

It’s been over a month since I officially quit my job to be a full-time freelance consultant. I wasn’t sure how long it would take to get this momentous step when I first started thinking and dreaming seven years ago. For a planner like me, so much goes into such a move. At times I still get a sensation of free fall… Read more →

NextGenLeaders Homepage Screen Capture 12-31-2015

Perseverance and Communication

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the completely redesigned nextgenleaders.com website. Working with the President and Founder, Carol Graser, and an excellent marketing consultant named Rachel Russell, we took the website from this: to this:   Seeing the final result, it’s obvious the work was worth it. At several points along the path, however, we might not have said that.… Read more →

Image of a fire pit alight

Lessons of a Slow Start

Friction When I started a yoga class at my gym earlier this summer, I expected it to take a few weeks to gain a following. Unfortunately, it’s been even slower than anticipated. Teaching weekly when attendance can be counted on one hand has been challenging. I tried a lot of things to light the fire: I advertised it more to via social… Read more →