Content First, Design Later: Save Money & Craft More Engaging Websites

Ahava Liebtag just KILLS IT with these thoughts on the foundation of Content Strategy and all web design, from my perspective:

“For the love of God, do not start designing until you understand the content.”

. . .

Why am I so passionate about this issue? Well, I have 3 reasons:

  1. Design is not as important as content (seriously): I know design is important. But it’s the second-most important thing next to content. . . .
  2. It’s expensive: Inevitably, if you design first, content will break design. . . .
  3. It cheapens content: . . . When we design before thinking about the content, we make it a second-tier part of a project. But it’s NOT! It’s the most critical part of a project.

It’s short, but it’s really worth reading the whole thing.

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