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View to the Reichstag from the banks of the Spree River

Hallo aus Deutschland!

This blog has been quiet for the past couple of months. Instead of blogging, I was sorting, purging, documenting, and packing all my earthly possessions. I was also visiting all my friends, crossing a few DC/Maryland/Virginia places off my bucket list, and researching my new home: Berlin! Looking Backward My husband got an excellent opportunity through his work so we have… Read more →

Returning to My Roots

I’m back in the Northern Hemisphere and in the saddle of design and development work. My month-long trip was wonderful. I did some work some proposals and troubleshooting. I talked, ate, sang, saw sights, and laughed with family and friends. I spoke a lot of Spanish. It was part tourism, part emotional odyssey, part design inspiration, and a lot of fun –… Read more →

Erica stands on the shores of Lago Menéndez with the Torrecillas Glaciar in the background

Down Old South America Way

Greetings from Argentina, down old South America way. I’m sitting in the living room of dear friends, enjoying their late summer weather and a cup of coffee. While I travel, I am not doing major design/development/user experience work and instead developing business for April. The story of how I came to be sitting here is a long one. I will… Read more →