Meeting Neil & Joyce

I first met Neil Danzig, the founder and primary consultant at Reedy Creek Enterprise Solutions, at a networking event in April 2015. He was considering my services for his clients. His business provides IT solutions to small startups and businesses in Central Maryland. Often clients have a variety of IT needs, including a new website. He wasn’t interested in undertaking that, so I would be a natural partner to have in his corner.

We touched based a few times on potential projects over the ensuring months. He referred another partner to me (gold star!). Then in November, Neil and his wife and business partner, Joyce, decided their own website needed work. We met up for coffee and talked about their vision for the RCES online presence. Like many new business owners, Neil had created his website by himself originally. Using a website building tool provided by his web hosting service, he stood up a basic brochure-style website with three pages. It remained mostly unchanged for months and saw little traffic. The design fell short of what he wanted, he couldn’t add a blog, and the analytics and metrics reporting was practically nonexistent. For the first few months, he had enough client work that he left it on the back burner to focus on service. Soon, however, his website was holding back business development.

Neil and Joyce wanted a professional image, a blog to drive traffic and showcase his expertise, and better analytics reporting so they could continually improve in response to actual information, not just hunches. We agreed that their needs would be best served with a new WordPress website. I provided the design, connected it to Google Analytics, and created a strategy doc for maintaining the website, the blog, and their primary social media channel: LinkedIn. We got started in November, soft-launched in December, and made the big-splash launch announcement in January.

Before & After

We took the website from this: screen shot from 2015

To this:

Homepage of as of May 2016

Feel free to click around the Reedy Creek Enterprise Solutions website now. I’ll wait!

Gold Star Clients

From the word “go,” Neil & Joyce were eager to learn.  As we established the basic style, evolved the design, and I introduced the concepts of online presence cultivation, they ate it up. They took notes and asked smart questions that showed they were wrestling with how the information would affect their planning and growth. They get gold star #2 for being engaged with the process. Neil & Joyce understand the purpose of their website and how it works with other online channels. This allows them to successfully grow the online presence of Reedy Creek Enterprise Solutions. Knowing they wanted to blog and post on social media, they armed themselves not just with the platforms but with the expertise to do it.

Crocuses in bloom in springThey get gold star #3 because of their follow-through. They have maintained their website, kept up the blogging, and began experimenting with LinkedIn cross-promotion. Planning and goal setting is as important here as anywhere else in organizational development, and there is no substitute for applying knowledge. All the smarts in the world don’t get posts written or users engaged. Even more than in publishing or other areas of marketing, the web is place where learning from experience over time is vital. Good standards evolve, and only through trying things out can we hope to evolve with them. You have to show up and keep learning to reap the rewards. It’s only been a few months, but Neil and Joyce are showing up consistently. I am so impressed with how they’re sustaining their online presence so it can grow. Like Spring flowers, Gold Star clients fill me with hope for their business and for my own.