Erica stands on the shores of Lago Menéndez with the Torrecillas Glaciar in the backgroundGreetings from Argentina, down old South America way. I’m sitting in the living room of dear friends, enjoying their late summer weather and a cup of coffee. While I travel, I am not doing major design/development/user experience work and instead developing business for April.

The story of how I came to be sitting here is a long one. I will write a brief version soon. For now, you can check out my Instagram feed below or go directly to the photos of my trip, all of which are tagged #ericasroots2016.

I am available via email (or the contact form at the end of this post) if you need a quote or want to talk about future business. After all, I need to make more money to come back and keep enjoying the people, natural beauty, local culture, and the FOOD you see in the photos.