This blog has been quiet for the past couple of months. Instead of blogging, I was sorting, purging, documenting, and packing all my earthly possessions. I was also visiting all my friends, crossing a few DC/Maryland/Virginia places off my bucket list, and researching my new home: Berlin!

A view to the Reichstag from the banks of the Spree River

Looking Backward

My husband got an excellent opportunity through his work so we have moved.  He is assigned here for three years. This was a long process, as you might imagine. It intensified during February until we were wheels-up on the plane in late March. The last few weeks were, frankly, terrible. Leaving family, friends, our cats (whom we gave to dear friends), and all my amazing networking contacts in the DMV region was miserable. In addition, there were so many details to manage. The move was a bottomless pit of need. But our purpose was clear and we kept our eyes on the prize: get to Germany so things could get good again.

And good they got!

Berlin is a hub of design and tech within Europe, as well as being an amazing city. Inspiration is everywhere around here! The city is a mix of old and new architecture, with influences from around the world. Taking German classes is so much easier when every trip to the grocery store, afternoon in a beer garden, and errand around town is an excuse to practice. I am greatly enjoying the pleasures of culture, art, history, food, and natural beauty.

View of the remains of the once-massive Anhalter Bahnhof View of the Gendarmenmarkt plaza with the Französischer Dom on the left, the Konzerthaus Berlin in the center, and the Neue Kirche Deutscher Dom on the right.

Going Forward

The good news for my business is that I can work remotely for American clients. I’m six hours ahead of the East Coast, so my schedule overlaps during my afternoons and my client’s mornings. We can speak over the phone or video chat. I can easily share files, send/pay invoices, and communicate via email and other messaging services too. No need to even change my addresses or numbers. I am still investigating working for German/European clients, but for now, I’m here and ready to work!

View from a bridge along the Landwehr Canal View ascending the pedestrian tunnel to the Siegessäule Victory Column