I’m thrilled to announce the launch of the completely redesigned nextgenleaders.com website. Working with the President and Founder, Carol Graser, and an excellent marketing consultant named Rachel Russell, we took the website from this:

Screen Capture of the Previous NextGen Leaders Homepage 2012-2015

to this:

NextGenLeaders Homepage Screen Capture 12-31-2015


Seeing the final result, it’s obvious the work was worth it. At several points along the path, however, we might not have said that.

  • Template: We began using a template we found which gave a very similar design look to the final result. When we purchased the template, however, it was not obvious that the back end was not well designed for non-technical users. In fact, we saw several popular reviews for the template rating it highly. Once we dug in, though, we realized Carol would have to know HTML code in order to update some of the elements. That simply was not acceptable. We worked through Carol’s priorities for a replacement template with a similar design. With requirements in hand we found an excellent template that makes updates easy and smooth for her. It’s a crowded marketplace for WordPress templates out there – there’s no reason to settle for something that’s tough for you, as a small business owner, to keep fresh and relevant.
  • Timing: The project as originally envisioned was supposed to be fast. Rachel provided much of the content early (which is preferable for my workflow), but just about everything else that could have gone wrong with the timetable went wrong! Between family and health emergencies, holidays, and the aforementioned nasty template surprise, it was tough to finish this rapidly. However, while we did not complete it as originally intended, we moved as quickly as we could to address each issue as it arose.

The theme: perseverance and communication. It was a pleasure to work with both Carol and Rachel because they embraced those values too. I hope the gorgeous site we created together serves them well!


Thinking about remaking your website? Concerned about how usable it is for you as much as your visitors? Drop me a line and let’s talk. Put my perseverance and communication to work for you!