A screenshot of the homepage for nursinghomeoversight.com

Website Redesign for Nursing Home Oversight


The Client

My client helps people advocate for better care for their loved ones in nursing homes. Visiting and checking in on family in nursing care facilities is hard, even when there isn’t a pandemic preventing in-person visits. It’s common to wonder whether seniors are getting good care. When is an incident part of a trend of neglect or worsening care? How do I speak to the nursing home staff when I’m not a doctor?

Nursing Home Oversight is staffed by medical professionals with years of experience working in nursing care facilities. They review your loved one’s medical records and advise you on the quality of care being provided. When necessary, they recommend adjustments to care. They can also attend meetings with facility staff, supporting your requests for changes. Their service is timely, affordable, and helpful.


The Challenge

The existing website was not working for his sales process. The site relied on having powerful images, but it was hard to find the right ones. Searching for better images was turning into a time-suck for him. Customers couldn’t complete purchases online at all. His flagship product was a monthly medical record review but he had no automated means of processing recurring payments.

He had to do a lot of work manually to get clients on board, get medical records from facilities, and share reports with customers. He wanted to streamline his service provision process. Erica Palmisano Design doesn’t specialize in IT sourcing, but we took on the challenge of finding him platforms that would work for his needs.


The Solution

I built the site in Squarespace – an easy-to-use content management system that requires no code maintenance and includes hosting and marketing tools in their suite of services. My client can make content updates on his own, and the platform provides a pleasant online checkout and account management experience for his customers. I sought out images that spoke to the diversity of seniors whose care NHO overseas and made sure visitors could see someone like their loved one on the site.

When we came to his service tools, I did some research to see the sweep of potential tools and which government regulations might be relevant to finding the right tool. Eventually, we settled on a document/report management system that is HIPAA compliant, user-friendly, and easy to manage from a business perspective. The service will allows his customers to grant him access to loved one’s medical records with e-signatures, as well as read and review the reports he generates securely. It will also help my client grow his business since he can assign control which staff members see records, deliver a quality product, and follow government guidelines protecting patient privacy all at once. 

Check out the website at: https://nursinghomeoversight.com.