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Take design off your plate!

I am a graphic designer helping small businesses and nonprofits with their logos and websites. No more waiting to start their business or being worried they don’t look professional when they meet potential clients or partners. When I take care of their design, my clients get to focus on building their organizations with confidence!

Together we can provide digital hospitality —
welcoming experiences for the people
you’re trying to reach

  • Brochures, Business Cards, Collateral 15% 15%
  • Logos & Branding 15% 15%
  • Promotional & Event Supplies 5% 5%
  • UX & Content Strategy 20% 20%
  • Website Design 45% 45%


Small Business



It’s a mobile-first world.

Research shows a substantial segment of people in the US across age groups primarily browse the web from their mobile devices. How does that affect your website?

Have you tried testing?

Looking for a simple and super-effective way to make your small business website better? Learn how to test your website!

EPD Gives Back 2020

Learn how Erica Palmisano Design is giving back in 2020 and our plans for the future

Lessons from Online Shopping in the Pandemic

An excellent Nielsen Norman Group analysis of online shopping experiences now and into the future

Reconsidering Bad UX

I’d like to think designers are mostly good people, but the ones employed by bad companies have done a lot of damage. What can we do to correct this? Either we can burn it all down and try to develop a post-money society, or we can try to convince our corporate...