I offer a range of options tailored to each organization and its needs
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You don’t suffer from a lack of marketing channels. There are so many options. Unfortunately, you may be broadcasting to an empty room. Worse yet, your audience might be listening but not understanding your message.

I can help you sort through these options and choose the ones that fit you and your target clients best.

Logos & Branding

I design and develop your company’s logo. I’ll output the design for use in merchandising, signs, on the web, in print, and in both color and black and white. I also create Style Guides for each brand I create so you understand all the elements that go into their design including fonts, colors, and more.

Print Collateral & Promotional Merchandise

I generate print ads, brochures, invitations, and merchandise designs. Take a look at my previous work and let’s think creatively about what works best for you and your organization.

Website Creation, Redesign & Maintenance

I create a completely new site or redesign your current site in the WordPress or Squarespace platforms. Some of the world’s most popular content management systems, they allow you to update the website on your own. Maintain your site over time, adding links and images using a simple interface. If you already have a site in those platforms, I can ensure that it is up-to-date and functioning properly. I can add functionality by installing and configuring plugins. In all my web design projects, I focus on user-centered design, ensuring the content is clear and readable and the design is focused.

Content Audit & Strategy

I evaluate your current online presence either only on your website or across media channels. I recommend a strategy for growing your audience, reaching them with valuable information, and keeping them engaged.

Always included: a listening ear