I offer a range of services tailored to your organization and designed to connect with your audiences
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Logo Design & Branding

Custom logo creation and logo updates to suit your organization’s identity and style

You get:

  • custom logo creation
  • all the files you need — to put on your website, get signs made, drop in social media profiles, print on business cards, or slap on T-shirts
  • a Style Guide document so you understand all the elements that go into your design including fonts, colors, and more

No need to call me to get more versions for different uses or different color spaces. You have the total package and insights on how to use your branding everywhere for years to come.

You can be confident people will recognize your professionalism on any platform, any object you have make, or at any event you attend!

Website Design & Development

You get: 

  • creation of new site or the redesign of your current site in WordPress or Squarespace and select other platforms
  • professional content updates, code maintenance, and feature additions like e-commerce, social feeds, contact forms, and more

Some of the world’s most popular content management systems, WordPress and Squarespace allow you to update the website on your own. You, your team, or I can maintain your site over time, adding links and images using a simple interface. We can add functionality as you need it, so your site grows with your business. 

In all my web design projects, you get user-centered design, ensuring the content is clear and readable and the design is focused.

Slide Decks & Social Media Templates

Template designs for digital channels

You get:

  • files you can use in Google Slides or PowerPoint to make slide decks for pitch meetings, online classes, or company meetings made with your brand colors and fonts so you always look poised and professional when you use them
  • template designs created in a user-friendly and free image editor like Canva or Adobe Spark Post that can help you create consistently beautiful social media posts for platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and others

No more worrying about throwing together a new presentation for each meeting. No more cobbling together random images and hoping they look good for your social posts. It’s so much easier to keep up with your content calendar when you have professional templates!

Content Strategy for Websites & Social Media

Audit messaging and get advice to make it better

You get:

  • a thorough report analyzing your current online presence either only on your website or across media channels. You know what’s working, what’s missing, and what’s disconnected from your marketing strategy
  • a strategy for growing your audience, reaching them with valuable information, and keeping them engaged

No more wondering whether your content makes sense or worrying your message isn’t coming through. No more stabs in the dark to connect with clients. 

Print & Promotional Items

Business cards, print ads, brochures, invitations, booth linens, stand-up banners, and merchandise designs like T-shirts and totes

You get:

  • the files you need for printers, signmakers, engravers, embroiderers, screenprinters, and all manner of promotional items
  • a partner who can ensure your printer knows your needs, responds to your concerns, and gets the files they need

No struggling to decide whether your artwork fits the printer’s specifications. No worrying about whether your file is high-resolution enough or properly formatted. Absolutely no trying to figure out how to make PhotoShop work on your own!

You get a finished product that can sit in your hands and travel to your clients’ hands, tangibly connecting them to you.

Technical & Marketing Tool Consulting

You get:

  • evaluation of your current marketing tools including your website, your social feeds, your backend CRMs, etc.
  • strategy for moving forward with thoughts on what to lose, what to keep, and what to swap, and what to add to your toolbelt
  • assistance, as desired, with implementing those suggestions

You don’t have to go it alone. You don’t have to spend hours online, weeding through all the information out there to make a judgment call. I spend my time making sure I understand these things so I can cut through those weeds for you!

Too many channels, too much going on

When you’re running a small business or nonprofit, you don’t suffer from a lack of marketing channels. There are so many options!

You worry you’re putting your message out and no one is seeing it. Maybe you know people see it but they don’t take action.

How many times in the last six months have you:

  • wondered if your logo fits with your vision?
  • had someone pull up your website on their phone and cringed?
  • edited slides for a pitch deck while wishing you could make them look more professional?
  • prepped a batch of posts for social media posts but forgotten to post them?
  • wished you could find better photos or make them look more consistent with your branding?
  • googled your business and wished your website showed up higher in search results?

No extra points for going it alone

I have heard each of these complaints and more. Marketing isn’t easy, but I can help!

Whether you want to change up your logo or make a print ad, get staff shirts embroidered or figure out which social media platforms to focus on, I can help you sort through the noise to find your marketing groove.

About Me

About Me

Growing up, I was much likelier to be curled up with a book than engrossed at the art table. When I was asked to take on graphic design at my first job, though, I fell in love with making information beautiful.

Now I enjoy analyzing something as mundane as a form or as elaborate as a website and finding ways to make it easier to use as well as visually appealing. I swapped pencils and clay for pixels and code, and I haven’t looked back.

Always included: a listening ear