The cover design for a technical whitepaper for Rampart Communications, a technology startup firm
An example page from the Rampart Communications Technical Whitepaper

Technical White Paper for Rampart Communications

The Client

Rampart Communications is a technology startup firm in the wireless communications space. They have a product designed to secure data transmission like nothing on the market. They are “new science,” as they like to say, so explaining how they work and what they can do for their clients is a big part of their current marketing push. A couple of months earlier, Rampart had released a technical white paper to shouts of loud acclaim from the nerds working at their target companies. 


The Challenge

Technical audiences were eating it up, but the C-suite folks Rampart wanted to reach were not feeling the love. They found the very simple, long-form article style unhelpful because they look at the bird’s eye view to make purchasing decisions. Rampart’s marketing director wanted more digestible sections and clear call-outs of important information so CEOs and others would get the value of the product too. The paper had the potential to be a knock-out sales and marketing tool, and Rampart asked me help them get their content over the top.


The Solution

I familiarized myself with the website and other visual brand elements Rampart had in place. I immediately decided to repurpose as much as possible from their existing content to save effort and enhance the consistency of their branding. I also made sure to use their existing logo and style guide when creating new graphics or restyling some of the technical drawings in the paper’s content. 

Then we worked together through some rounds of revisions to make the final design clear, easier to skim but still as rich and detailed as the nerdiest reader could wish. Now their whitepaper proves their bona fides to both audiences while making them look smart in the process.

You can download the Rampart Communications whitepaper from their website: