Business Card for TBooks

The Client

Teresa Sanders has a thriving accounting and bookkeeping business. She provides superlative service and support to business owners all over Maryland and beyond – including Erica Palmisano Design.


The Challenge

Teresa was happy with her logo and many of her materials but she did not love her business card. An avid networker, she got a little twinge every time she had to give one out. It was not a major problem, but it did not make much of a statement either. Instead of getting frustrated, she got help.


The Solution

We began by talking about what she wanted her card to communicate. I worked to find the kinds of stock images that could be affordable but also evocative for all kinds of business owners. In order to ensure the card was as readable as possible in sometimes poorly lit environments where networking events are held, I removed backgrounds and ensured the images left space for the information that matters.

The final result made her more happy and confident when she was talking to someone at an event and it came time to hand over her details.

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