Podcast Cover Art for “Good Night”

The Client

Paula had a great idea for a podcast. As someone who struggles with insomnia, she understood how challenging it can be to quiet her mind around bedtime. She had a calming voice and wanted to tell stories that helped people like her fall asleep.

Paula found a mentor in the podcast game who offered her great advice and resources. She had collected a stack of stories for material. The last thing she needed was an image that would entice users searching any of the many podcast apps to click and listen.


The Challenge

Podcasts become more popular and more people use them, and more people are also creating them. The threshold for beginning one is low – a little equipment, basic writing and performance skills, editing software, and a willingness to learn as you go.

As the field get more crowded, finding listeners becomes more difficult. The image you use to advertize your podcast will be the first impression people get of your podcast. Even when you can build on word-of-mouth/sharing referrals to grow your base, your cover art is a strong element of your branding – for good or ill. The design needs to suit your vibe and content while standing out in your niche.


The Solution

I worked with Paula to understand her vision. She was still developing her first episodes at the time, so she described what she wanted it to sound like. She also sent me some samples of existing podcast cover art – both some of her favorites and some of the competition in her content niche of “fall-asleep aids.” I could thus get a sense for what she liked. I also see the kinds of cover art that would be around hers when people searched and browsed results. Together, we designed a cover that she loves. More importantly, the design suits her well and still manages to stand out. At least if she has trouble sleeping now, it’s not about her podcast’s cover art!

You can find the Good Night Podcast on Apple Podcasts and in podcasting apps all over.