Website for Colette Graham Permanent Makeup

The Client

Colette Graham has a very particular set of skills. She can tattoo to enhance the natural beauty of her clients. She subtly shapes eyebrows with strokes that look like eyebrow hairs. She does subtle but beautiful permanent eye- or lipliner, and she has even done areola tattoos for post-surgical patients recovered from mastectomies.


The Challenge

Colette began working with another designer for her logo and branding collateral items – business cards, brochures and the like. She even worked with a writer to enhance her marketing copy. But she got stuck when it came time to create a website, so her designer called me. We needed a beautiful site that connected potential clients with her scheduling tools.


The Solution

I scoured good stock, affordable imagery for the finest and most diverse women with good eyebrows. Then I crafted her website on the Squarespace platform for easy ongoing maintenance and support. The final result fit well with the other designs she had commissioned and reached her target audiences.

Find Colette Graham Permanent Makeup online here: