A screenshot of the homepage for nursinghomeoversight.com

Website for Mary Caler, Freelance Writer


The Client

Mary Caler is getting her official start as a freelance writer. After years of writing in academia and nonprofits, she’s gained experience in marketing and technical writing styles and she’s ready.


The Challenge

Setting up a website is a natural first step — the modern equivalent of “hanging out a shingle.”

Mary wanted her website to be clear, simple, informative, and intriguing. It also needed to have means of contact and a connection to her other web channels, like social media. The website needed to look on any screen and not bring an avalanche of spam to her inbox. The website might need more functions and pages over time, but for now, simplicity would be key. 

With all the website builders and CMS systems out there, Mary could have tried to go it alone. After all, she could do her own writing (domain knowledge FTW!). If you can put your nose to the grindstone, you might have good luck setting up a basic site, especially at the outset of your business journey into a domain that’s mostly about words rather than whiz-bang tech or fancy doodles.

But Mary decided to call me in. She was already busy getting her business ready for launch. With so many other tasks on her plate, handing off the website setup felt right. She got to focus on the work she was uniquely capable of doing, giving her business had the firmest foundation she could give it.


The Solution

Mary wrote her own content, allowing me to tweak things here and there as website formatting needs arose.

I came up with a color and font palette from the inspiration she shared with me. I built the site in WordPress – a content management system that allows Mary to make content updates on her own. WordPress is flexible, allowing us to add functionality when and/if she needs it, keeping things simple to start. 

Her shingle on proud display, she’s ready to market her business more aggressively and grow!

Check out the website at: https://marycaler.com.