Website for NextGen Leaders B2B Consulting

The Client

NextGen Leaders provides business-to-business consulting services. They help companies and organizations foster leadership development and gain advice from a unique alliance of experienced leaders, coaches, and experts.


The Challenge

Carol Graser, founder and chief consultant at NextGen Leaders, was frustrated. She had two websites – branded under two different names – which talked about her consulting services. She wanted to knit their content together and rebrand. The resulting site needed to provide a redirect for her old business branding and grow her reach.


The Solution

Carol wisely employed a copywriter to optimized the website’s written content. I could then focus on building the look and feel of the site in WordPress. I sought out dynamic stock imagery to use throughout the site. I worked with a copywriter to get the text of the website in good form for Carol’s marketing efforts. The design and development showcases the dynamism of NextGen Leaders work and the breadth of their clientele.

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