Website for Reedy Creek Enterprise Solutions B2B Consulting

The Client

Reedy Creek Enterprise Solutions provides IT solutions to small and medium-sized businesses in Maryland. Their chief consultant, Neil Danzig, functions as a consultant Head of IT for many organizations who need that kind of work but do not have the budget or full-time demands to bring one onboard internally.


The Challenge

The existing website, begun as a “starter” online presence, was not as professional as Neil had hoped. He could not be sure, but he thought it was costing him business, giving potential clients the impression that his business could not operate the high-level they did, in fact, deliver.


The Solution

Swiftly, I began work on a new site design in WordPress. I found bright stock photos, we optimized the website copy, and we launched to excellent reviews from his existing clients. Even better, at networking events, Neil got excellent feedback from contacts who browsed his site immediately on mobile. As he had hoped, his website now professionally showcases his business.

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