A screenshot of the homepage for Life Asset Inc.

Website Redesign for Life Asset Inc.


The Client

Life Asset is the fastest-growing microlender for entrepreneurs in the Washington D.C. region. They’ve served over 1,500 small business owners who can’t go to more traditional lenders since 2011.

They have an amazingly high repayment rate because their entrepreneurs don’t go it alone in building their credit and their businesses — they form groups to support each other. And because the collateral requirements are so low and the loans are so affordable, people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to loans for their businesses get funded. Immigrants, homeless people, people with disabilities and ex-offenders can get loans, build businesses, and employ others through their work.

When I created their website in 2013, they were new too. Since then, they’ve loaned over $5 million, but they hadn’t had a design update since I set it up.


The Challenge

The website wasn’t really working for them. The design was outdated since it had been almost 7 years since they’d made any major changes. The content needed to be updated to reflect their growth and their partnerships. The incredible entrepreneurs whom they serve also needed to be more central in the design and content. They were sitting on a metaphorical goldmine of stories but no one could see them. No more! Together, we took on the challenge.


The Solution

I built the site in WordPress — an easy-to-use content management system that has a huge developer community to support it and thus a lot of flexibility in form and function. The good folks at Life Asset can make content updates on their own, and the platform provides connections to donation processing, appointment scheduling for their entrepreneurs in training classes, and contact details for their banking and community government partners.

I sought out images that spoke to the diversity of the people and communities they serve to make sure entrepreneurs could see someone like themselves on the site and other audiences could see the range and dynamism of the businesses they support. I also encouraged them to develop more if their own images so that over time, their site will be even more their own.

When we came to their service tools, I encouraged them to add value to the website with some automation for their staff. Life Asset’s staff already does a lot of work so taking the tedium of scheduling off their plates and making it easier for people to book anyway was a big win for them.

Now Life Asset’s site shows how far they’ve come and how much they’ve helped entrepreneurs in and around DC.

Check it out and, if you want your money to go six times further, donate today! lifeasset.org