Client Presentation Folders for Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law

The Client

Ruy Garcia-Zamor is the founder of Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law. His firm provides intellectual property law services to clients in his home state of Maryland and around the world.


The Challenge

Because his firm provides those services in a comprehensive manner unique in the industry, he is constantly looking for a better way to express his brand’s value to new and potential clients. He wanted to go beyond a brochure so his clients would understand the breadth of the firm’s services.


The Solution

I created a client presentation folder to show clients all they could gain from the firm in a comprehensive fashion. Outfitted with inserts detailing the relationships between those services and the business lifecycle, the entire piece emphasizes how the firm adds value to each client. This folder impresses and informs much more than a brochure could.

The inside of the Garcia-Zamor Intellectual Property Law client presentation folder includes the branding printed on the folder itself. Slits cut into the folder itself hold a business card. Each pocket has printed materials with additional information. On the left, sits an introductory flyer that reads like a welcome letter. On the right, sit five staggered flyers explaining the areas of the firm’s expertise including Business Legal Services, Trademarks, and Patents and how they relate to one another and the lifecycle of business.

Now when Ruy and his team speak to potential clients or touch base again with existing clients, they can demonstrate their comprehensive services confidently. 

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